Garage Floor Coatings


Garage Floor Coatings

Concrete surfaces in your Buffalo home and garage can crack or fail for a variety of reasons: the settling of your home, harsh weather conditions, normal wear and tear, age, etc.

Most people who live in this region start to see visible issues with their concrete surfaces within a few years of installation. Whether your concrete floor sealer is deteriorating or you are starting to see stains, flakes, or cracks, Apollo Concrete has you covered from concrete floor repair, to coloring, to resealing. We also offer concrete surface polishing.

In most cases, we can work with your original concrete surface, so there is no need to go to the added expense of having a new surface poured just because you see stains, cracks or spalling (scaling).

Our process uses the Penntek Coating System, a recognized leader in innovative concrete sealers and coatings, and provides the highest standards in performance and longevity, providing you with the highest quality concrete floor repair. Our surfaces are easy to clean and maintain, don’t require resealing, and come with a 10 year warranty.As one of the most roughly treated rooms of your entire home, your garage demands flooring that’s tough against heavy weight and frequent foot traffic and sturdy enough for outdoor temperature variations. With the innovative garage floor coatings of TSR Concrete Coatings, you can get world-class durability and designer style, too! We’re proud to offer the best garage floor coatings anywhere in Illinois or Iowa, with expert installations and top-notch customer service to match.